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Customer Service Officer to Composite Sound

Composite Sound AB (est. 2021) is a subsidiary of Oxeon with a dedicated focus on serving the audio speaker market with an innovative new type of speaker diaphragm. Originally developed for aerospace and Formula 1 applications, Oxeon perfected TeXtreme® Technology based on thin-ply and spread tow principles. Using TeXtreme®, Composite Sound brings a unique offer to the market and is now embarking on the mission of becoming the world’s leading supplier of Thin-Ply Carbon Diaphragms (TPCDs).


On this journey, Composite Sound is now looking for new highly motivated members to enable future growth of the company.

Customer Service Officer


Customer Service constitutes the company's communication with the customer in regard to forecasting, delivery scheduling and orders.  

Resposibilites (Job Description)


  • Seek forecast information from customers.
  • Consolidate forecasting from multiple customers.
  • Confirm delivery schedule with customers.

Order Handling / Planning

  • Receive order from customer and provide order acknowledgement as well as order confirmation in both development stage and in mass production stage.
  • Handle potential claims and administer replacements.
  • Discuss and review with production planning.
  • Keep updating internal forecasts and order/delivery status.
  • Provide internal order and delivery statistics.
  • Issue invoicing and track payments.


  • Plan, source and book based on agreed delivery terms (INCO).
  • Tracking of payments in accordance with agreed payment terms.
  • Administrate and declare for customs and

Desired Competencies & Abilities

  • High degree of interest and ability to service customers.
  • Excellent communicator both verbally and in-writing. Main language is English.
  • Prior experience in worldwide deliveries.
  • Able to work in a cross functional organization.
  • Diligent, structured, and responsible.
  • Ambition to participate in the growth and success of the company as well as personal growth within the company.

Education / Training

  • Business Administration or equivalent.


  • Borås, Sweden

Application / Contact

To apply for this job or for further questions, please email Björn Berggren,  bjorn.berggren@composite-sound.com

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