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Everything we do at Composite Sound is about enabling you to make it sound like you want it to sound. We use state of the art material science, advanced simulation tools and a completely new engineering approach to help advance our customers' loudspeaker designs.

That is what truly inspires us. 

Originally developed for aerospace and Formula 1 applications, Oxeon perfected TeXtreme® Technology based on thin-ply and spread tow principles. In 2016, Oxeon successfully applied its TeXtreme® thin-ply carbon reinforcements to create a new type of speaker diaphragm.

Thin-ply Carbon Diaphragms (TPCD) quickly set a new standard for high performance speaker applications. Successful designs developed in collaboration with OEMs and speaker driver manufacturers resulted in product releases for high-end audio, home cinema, studio reference, and pro audio applications. Products available in the market use TPCD-based designs in tweeters, compression drivers, midranges and bass/midwoofers.

This significant technical and commercial success led Oxeon to spin-off its audio related business to a dedicated, highly focused company – Composite Sound. Expanding on the original research with targeted engineering efforts, Composite Sound is accelerating the development of the TPCD technology and is soon releasing the second generation of Composite Sound TPCDs.


Henrik Johansson

Henrik Johansson

Chairman of the board
Martin Turesson

Martin Turesson

Head of Thin-Ply Carbon Diaphragms

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